A List of Niche Topics

‘Niches’ are very useful for mastering the web. If you don’t know what one is, then essentially it’s a topic that’s very specialist. A hobby, a skill, a demographic… but one where there are few followers who are very interested. So a niche topic could be knitting or bodybuilding, which would be a fairly broad one, it could be train spotting, it could be living as a left-hander, or it could be the ‘Mega Man’ video game series. This is opposed to larger sites that are on ‘health’, ‘article submissions’, ‘meals’ or general interest, and is also different from web 2.0 sites that attempt to provide a service like Facebook.

The thing is, that for any of these more obscure topics you have fewer potential visitors yes, but you also have less competition. At the same time the people going there are often quite obsessive on the topic. This ensures your visitors keep coming back, that you are easily found, that there is a ready community for you to promote to, and generally is a very good strategy for a website.

You need to pick a niche topic that will be successful in these ways then – small but with a loyal fan base – but you also need to choose one that you have an interest in or you will have a very boring time making and running your sites. The problem is coming up with one, or several if you have a few sites. I was disappointed during my searches to find there to be no ‘list of niche topics’. That’s why I created this list for helping you to choose article titles and website topics. Read on for some inspiration:


‘Niche’ sports such as table tennis or snooker


Extreme Ironing

Fan sites for any niche TV series or video game series


Martial Arts – Particularly specific styles

Arts and crafts – and specific ones

Tributes to actors or artists

Historical periods


Any school topic

Kids’ versions of a well-done topic


Collecting (and specific collections such as bottle tops)


A country, city or town

A chronic condition (aspergers, deafness)

Cars (or a specific make)

Other vehicles (boats, planes)

Time Periods (I love the 80s etc)



A Film Genre

Technology (or a particular gadget such as sat navs)

Diets (a site devoted to one diet)


Careers (site for a very specific career)

Animals (a particular pet)




Experiences (near death experiences etc)

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